PENSIONS the age of entitlement – update


There was a message doing the rounds on Facebook recently upon which I decided to report. I received it from multiple people – again! This isn’t the first instance of this message being sent out to people, I’ve seen it at least three times.

However, all is not as it appears. And Andrew Laming, our local Federal representative has performed his responsibilities quite correctly. He advised me of the other side of the story, very politely, in a message just the other day. I asked could quote him him, he agreed I could do so. And here it is…

“Just a note that your age of entitlement pollie pension email is a spam joke email originating from Canada, with Kerwin’s name cut and pasted on the bottom after he forwarded it to friends. None of the points apply to Australia. Please read it carefully and you will find that is the case. As a general rule, I advise against posting joke emails or spam, because it makes the sharer look like they have no idea. Happy to share facts if you ask for them.”

And so there you have both sides of the story, I’ll let yoi weigh up the commentaries and make up your own minds.

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