Jetty Shed Makeover Project and MIPA update 

As an extra bonus, we have two reports on the one topic. Tanya Buxton who used to be with Bay Island News (print edition) and the official release from the Macleay Island Progress Association.. read and enjoy.. 🙂

Oh, by the way, this is how it used to look (I found these pics online, with no attribution):


From Tanya Buxton (who also runs Carpet Bright – thanks Tanya, so here‘s a free plug!) She also provided pictures of the workers doing their thing to the shed..
Another first for Macleay. We have been spoilt. Brand news, organised notice boards to keep the islands community informed. Big thank you to both the Progress association and Running Wild for funding and putting in hard yakka.


And some words in a row from the President of the ProgressAssociation:
Hi Tim
It was great to see you this afternoon! Glad to hear you’re back on deck with sharing our local news.
Adrian and I moved home to the Island about 12 months ago when our daughters decided to fly the coop, it’s great to be home. I joined the Progress Association not long after and have now found myself as the newly elected President. The committee are fantastic and very proactive. We will be hosting a “MIPA Planning for the Future” workshop on December 9 from 1-3pm @ The Progress Hall. We will also be hosting a stall at the summer solstice festival @ the organic farm on the 23rd.
Jetty Shed Makeover Project and MIPA update 
MIPA membership is growing rapidly and a number of sub groups have formed to work on projects of interest. One of these is the Beautification Working Group. This group has undertaken a clean up around the jetty and shopping areas, they approached Council to clean up and re plant the area from the jetty carpark up the hill to the shopping area, they also instigated the jetty shed makeover project.
In true Island spirit, this has turned into a huge community effort! Our awesome young people and Nick from the Running Wild group cleaned and scrubbed the shed over the last two days and today they have installed the new notice boards. Over the next 2 weeks a number of volunteers and artists will be contributing to the makeover. A special thanks goes to Suzanne Pike for managing this project, Darren Goleby and Dave for their artistic contributions. Marcia, Martyn and Daria from the Beatification group for their vision and Council for their financial support and encouragement. The local Council crew will also be jumping in and contributing some landscaping supplies and hopefully a new bubbler and tap for the waiting area.
Charmaine Stubbs
MIPA President
0425 481 168
And here they are (at the end, where else would I put them)



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