Local businessman for council

Local identity, businessman, Political advocate, previous Lamb Island Kiosk owner, Building Supplies provider, and yes, card carrying ALP supporter, Tony Gilson is getting in, ahead of the pack!

Politics is in the air at the moment, so Tony has made the decision – at long last – to go ‘public’ and run for political office, in the 2020 Council Elections…

Here are the words, direct from Tony;


27th November 2017

Good Morning

This may come as a surprise to some, but to many probably not at all!

With the recent state election, I was involved as a volunteer for the successful candidate, Kim Richards. This exercise reawakened in me a long held desire to involve myself in community representation.

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while, and I will say that it was the last month or so, where I’ve had the chance to engage with fellow Bay Islanders in some really frank and open exchanges, about what is important to us collectively and individually, that it was time for me to stop talking and do some doing!

I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring to run in the Local Council Elections in 2020 for Division 5, representing the Bay Islands and Redland Bay.

Realising this is over two years away, and after the last month, most folks’ appetite for anything verging on political would be minimal! I just wanted to put it out there now and spend as much time as possible to engage with the community on both the Islands and Redland Bay.

Obviously putting myself forward for this is not a decision taken lightly. I’ve had conversations with with my family and have their unqualified support.

This is not for ego, and certainly not for financial gain. I have a deep seated passion for our community and have been a resident of the Bay Islands for close to 15 years. I’m looking to the future and want to listen to and support the community’s needs.

Looking forward to engaging deeply with ALL in our community over the coming “short” period!

Cheers, Tony

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