Robo-Calls at dinnertime 



Sourced from the ABC news website

Election campaign ‘robo-calls’ prompt flood of complaints to communications watchdog


“Australia’s telecommunications watchdog has been flooded with complaints about politicians “robo-calling” voters during the election campaign.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) says it has received 244 complaints about election-related telephone calls during May and June, and 214 of those complaints related to “robo-calls”.

“The actual may figure may be higher, but there was insufficient information in a number of complaints received to be able to clearly state that the calls related to election/political matters,” an AMCA spokesperson said.

A robo-call is an automated telephone call that delivers a recorded voice message.

The spike in campaign calls and text messages sent to voters during the election has prompted privacy advocates to call on the major political parties to explain where they are sourcing people’s private phone numbers.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he was interested in looking into tighter regulation of robo-calls during elections.”

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I just received a Robo-Call this evening. I don’t care from whom it may be, I am on the Do Not Call Register. But it seems, politicians write the laws, and are allowed to abuse the laws as well.

So, I thought you might like to have YOUR OWN say about the matter.. Have fun..


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