Fuel for fire


“Taking a walk through Turtle Swamp wetlands, to no avail in wet land, I did however come across this paradox. After our horrendous time with fires across the islands last year, and early this year, you would think Council would be going all out to protect or most vulnerable areas.

Not only are there dead branches, and bottles, which can start fires by themselves by the sun, on the walking track/fire tracks, but on parts of the tracks themselves there has been dumped a dense coverage of highly flammable, roughly hewn wood chips and bark. Controlled burning is good for the native flora, such as the Common Black Boy plant, and the Banksia pods need fire to disperse their seeds. We need to look after or wetland areas, by looking after our flora, which in turn will look after our fauna.”

Sharon Keegan
Russell Island, QLD
m- 0418 985 411








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