An interview with David Keogh of the Greens

An interview with David Keogh of the Greens

From barge/boat ramps for Russell to weatherproofing the Jetties across to using Thorium as a Nuclear alternative, I had the pleasure of interviewing David this afternoon. This is (at least) the third try for David contesting the seat of Redlands. Generally accepted as an outsider, this time David may have more luck. He drew 1st place on the ticket. Combine that with some dark horses in the guise of previous member, Peter Dowling and Jason Quick of One Nation. If that’s not enough, the incumbent, Matt McEachan drew the last spot.

Who knows?  Might this  just be the upset winner?

Apologies for the odd backgrounds, Youtube got all picky about uploading an audio only file…
Speaking of which, here is the Youtube version

I have the MP4 to download for you (big file at 56Mb) here

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