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Hansard Transcript Cleveland-Redland Bay Road
Mr McEACHAN (Redlands—LNP) (10.14 pm): I rise tonight to again call on this Labor government to immediately start work on fixing Cleveland-Redland Bay Road. The people of Redlands do not accept that this project has to wait because of Cross River Rail. The community in areas of Redland Bay, Point Talburpin, Victoria Point, Point Halloran and Thornlands have had enough of the congestion.

We have had enough of the congestion, the accidents and the excuses. Earlier this year I organised a meeting here at parliament with the main roads minister. Attending were Redlands Mayor, Karen Williams, and local resident Rebecca Griffiths. Rebecca’s children were on a school bus that collided with a sedan at the intersection of Giles Road and Cleveland-Redland Bay Road.

Her children witnessed an elderly gentleman die that day and she wanted to personally tell the main roads minister of the devastating impact on her children. She wanted to implore the minister to urgently fix this intersection. She wanted to question why the government had done nothing for more than a year since declaring the intersection dangerous and allocating some money to fix it. Ms Griffiths wanted to say these things to the minister, but he did not show up. The weak-kneed minister sent advisers in his place. He is quick to play politics but is short on respect.

I am committed to fight to fix this road and I am pleased to let Redlands locals know that this intersection will be fixed. We will see dozers, road engineers and work trucks at the Giles Road intersection in a matter of weeks with work due to be finished mid next year. However, we cannot thank the minister for that. No, this work has been brought forward by local business Shoreline long before their contract requires them to.

I want to acknowledge their commitment to the local area and I especially want to acknowledge Ms Griffiths, who passionately argued for this intersection to be urgently upgraded. In spite of this positive step, there are no plans from Labor to fix the rest of the road. It is pure luck that we have not had fatalities at the Double Jump Road and Anita Street intersections. I am reminded of the Deputy Premier saying, ‘Don’t worry about the road, Redlands. You’re getting Cross River Rail.’

I have news for this do-nothing Labor government. Cleveland-Redland Bay Road is our transport priority, not Cross River Rail. More than 2,000 people have joined my community campaign to fight for funding and more people sign up every day. Only an LNP government will build the roads we need and I am determined to win the fight to fix this vital road.

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