Please forgive the intrusion…

This is a first attempt at sending a newsletter. Hopefully it won’t be the last!

I said that I would only post important matters, but I have to test the system first, I suppose. How to get the information into this newsletter, how often to send it , blah, blah, blah…

Let’s see if I can send a link to the frontpage (opens in a new window) of the newspaper, then you can browse around to your hearts content..
The site seems to be pretty popular, Google analytics keeps excellent records about everything from which Browser (Safari is the most popular) you use, to what operating system is most popular (Ios, Android then Windows) surprise, surprise!

But here is the biggie, users, pageviews and sessions.
To briefly explain, users visit the site and have a session made up of Pageviews.
So, one individual user can have multiple sessions and multiple pageviews.

Now the highlights are, in the last week, approximately..
Pageviews: 4,800
Sessions: 3.600
Users: 1,437

Go, check up on me, please. About Us (opens in a new window) is a link to the page where I publish my Statistics:

Not of a helluva lot of interest to many, but I’ll be slowly introducing some paid advertising. SHOCK HORROR! Yes it takes me a little while to set up advertising. Most already have logos, artwork, etc.
But I give them an entire page to use as they like. As will the old favourites you saw in the printed version, Library News, MI Arts News, Polly Waffle (politicians columns), and a whole bunch of new features, Astronomy with Chris Wheeler, Viewpoint with Nathalie Deacon and I’ll be getting some columnists for the kids, the RIKY4184 site (if I can find them) and the footie teams on Russell Island.
If course all the community organisations, clubs (Like Lions) have free access.

For the commercial side, I am going to charge the HUGE amount of $1.00 per week. But I’ll charge for two years at $100 (it’s just easier) New businesses can get a freebie, depending..

That’s all folks.

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