Macleay Island Foreshore Development

There is debate about the Macleay Island Foreshore Development.
At (another) $8,500,000 to be spent from State coffers and this time Council as well, we could (and should) expect that the debacle of the Mainland ‘Bus Stop’ blowout in time and budget won’t be repeated.

The immediate issue is the damned roundabout. And I use the epithet advisedly. Somebody forgot to check the road rules about roundabouts. Epithets fail me for that oversight.

Few may know (other than recent license holders), that it is actually illegal to reverse out of your own driveway. At first blush, that may seem to be a piece of bureaucratic nonsense, however think for a moment about how many kids have been run over and that law may make more sense. Quite apart from the chances of reversing into oncoming traffic from two directions, sometimes at the same time!

Same rules apply for roundabouts. You are not allowed to reverse into a roundabout, which is such an obvious thing, it barely rates a mention. Except here, on Macleay Island, where it happens daily, nightly and all times between!

But when it comes to the planning, somebody either didn’t know (unlikely) or couldn’t be bothered to assess the implications properly (more likely), or was just incompetent (make your own guess).

The practical upshot is the parking is some 50 METRES from the gangway, let alone the shelter shed. Taxi, disables, and possibly emergency vehicles are all effected by this blunder.

And so, here we go again with poor forethought. This time for about the same amount.

I should rename the article “No Forethought on Foreshore”.

Check out the plans, the offending roundabout is at the bottom…

Oh, just a recent matter, I have more information re the roundabout coming soon DIRECTLY from Council, as they say – ‘watch this space’ …

And here is the first update, more to come, as the saying goes: ‘watch this space’:
From Council’s website…

Construction has commenced on site capping and new parking on the Macleay Island foreshore. The project is expected to take 12 months to complete and includes a new seawall and sealed car park, associated road works and marine infrastructure, a new two-lane recreational boat ramp, a third lane for a future floating walkway, and access stairs. View the site plan for the Macleay Island carpark.

The State Governments approved the project on 7 October 2016 and will contribute more than $1.9 million towards the construction of the new recreational boat ramp from the Marine Infrastructure Fund.

Project scheduling has been designed so there will be no loss of existing parking during construction. Since 2016, Council has also completed the provision of additional parking in areas adjacent to the new work.

The following Q&A includes advice on the number of parking spaces within the project.

Q. What does the project involve?

  • The Macleay Island foreshore project is an $8.5 million Council project. It includes a new seawall and sealed car park, associated road works and marine infrastructure, state funded  new two-lane recreational boat ramp, a third lane for a future floating walkway, and access stairs.
  • State Government approval for the project design includes entombment of an asbestos contaminated land site that will provide for long term safe management and the added benefit of additional parking.
  • The redevelopment consists of a total of 178 parking bays which includes 122 car parks, 12 disabled car parks, 26 car-trailer parks and 8 motorcycle parks, 8 loading bays, 1 Taxi and 1 Emergency vehicle bay as well as an improved drop-off zone and safer vehicle access.

Q. Were the plans advertised?

  • Yes. Following State Assessment and Referral Agency approval to proceed to assessment, the proposed work for the site was publicly notified for comment, including a large island notification display from 16 July to 4 August 2016.

Q. Who approved the plans?

  • The plans were negotiated with multiple State agencies and private sector stakeholders over a seven year period.
  • The State Government approved the project with 25 conditions on 7 October 2016. The final approval was issued by the State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA) within the Department of Infrastructure Local Government and Planning.

Q. Will the works provide for safe use of the site from asbestos contamination?

  • Yes. Council conducted a major clean-up of the Macleay Island foreshore in 2007 and has carried out over 90 inspections through to 2017 removing visible residual asbestos.
  • Advice to council is that the site’s environmental risk profile will have been substantially improved following remediation, including the capping of a major part of the site.
  • Risks associated with ACM on the foreshore are deemed to be low and further reduced by the continual saturating effect of the incoming tide.
  • The area of vegetated slope behind the car park will be further planted, mulched and fenced with appropriate signage in place.
  • An Asbestos Management Plan will also stay in place to include checks on the ACM capping through site inspection, including the beach area below mean high water springs (particularly after large storm events). If suspected ACM is identified, removal by a licensed asbestos removal contractor will to be organised.

Q. When will work start?

  • Civil construction group Pensar Civil Pty Ltd had been awarded the contract for the construction foreshore upgrade Works and works onsite have already begun.

Q. How long will construction take?

  • The construction of the foreshore upgrade project is expected to take 12 months.

Q. What will it cost?

  • The project will cost $8.5 million.

Q. How many additional parking spaces will there be?

There will be an additional 55 parking spaces provided within the new completed foreshore facility with a total of 178 parking bays that includes the following:

  • 122 Car spaces
  • 12 Disability Parking bays
  • 26 boat trailer bays
  • 8 loading bays
  • 8 motorcycle parking bays
  • 1 Taxi bays
  • 1 Emergency vehicle bays

Like all car parks across the city car parks can be readjusted to suit changing community needs such as parking periods, by making change to site signage and line marking.

Q. Will there be a safe drop of zone?

  • Currently there are seven parking bays being used for drop-off/pick-up with a ten minute time restriction. The completed site design amendments for the new car park acknowledge the importance of safe drop off/ pick up bays and provides for eight bays located in close proximity to the existing waiting shelter.

Q. What provision is there for disabled parking?

  • The current provision of six disabled parking bays will increase to twelve disabled parking bays in the new car park.

Q: What provision will there be for emergency vehicle parking

  • Council has liaised with Queensland Ambulance and QFES to ensure provision of ambulance and emergency parking with two emergency services car park spaces provided immediately adjacent to the ferry terminal for greater ease of access.
  • While previous signage wrongly indicated one taxi bay in this location, the two car parks shown coming off the roundabout will be for emergency vehicles only. While parking and loading off roundabouts is not allowed under Austroads design standards, due to safety concerns (vehicles reversing into roundabouts etc)  emergency vehicles are allowed to do so.
  • Council will consider options for a taxi use at one of the eight loading bays or the addition of an extra taxi parking bay next to the loading bays.

Q: Will the roundabout allow for adequate bus turning circle? Can it be adjusted?  

  • The Foreshore Project planning provides for the safe location of a roundabout that is designed to accommodate bus turning movements. The roundabout location is also determined by provision for a safe bus stop location. The  bus stop location itself cannot be moved any further north due to the potential conflicts with the adjacent boat ramp.

Q. What will happen to the boat ramps?

  • The Queensland Government advised it would contribute more than $1.9 million towards the construction of the new recreational boat ramp from the Marine Infrastructure Fund. There will be two-lane recreational boat ramp, and provision for a third lane for a future floating walkway, and access stairs.
  • The three lane boat ramp (current works) and the floating walkway (future works) is being fully funded by the Department of Transport and Main Roads, The floating walkway (future works) is planned for construction only after a future ferry terminal upgrade.

Q. Will there be boat trailer parking?

  • The plans provide for 26 car-trailer parking spaces.

Q. Will there be bike/ cycle and mobility scooter parking?

  • The plans provide for eight motorcycle parking bays. Bicycle parking has been provided to allow a total of 40 bicycles to be stored on the racks.
  • By law, wheelchairs or mobility scooters used by people with mobility impairment can go anywhere a pedestrian can go, such as footpaths, shopping centres and nature strips. Road rules that apply to pedestrians also apply to wheelchair and mobility scooter users.

Q. What provision is there for asbestos management during construction?

  • The Asbestos Management Plan for the worksite sets out clear requirements that need to be undertaken to ensure worker and general public safety. To ensure this activity is strictly monitored a specialist asbestos removal company has been employed to implement measures that ensure full compliance with the asbestos management plan.
  • Until capping works are completed measures such as the setting up of air quality monitors around the site, creating designated decontamination areas, ensuring the appropriate protective clothing is worn and correctly disposed of and the lawful collection, removal and disposal of any asbestos containing material will part of the Asbestos Management Plan requirements. ..
  • Following completion of construction, Council will follow recommended protocols for site signage and regular inspections including handpicking removal on a periodic basis, such as after major storm events.

Q. What treatment is proposed for the slope behind the car park area?

  • This area is currently heavily vegetated and is planned to remain so. Any bare areas within this zone will be planted out, mulched and a fence erected to restrict access.

For information on this project contact council on email: or phone 3829 8999.



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