Council confirms land purchase

The rumours have been confirmed and hopefully dispelled. For once they were true. Read on gentle reader..

Media Response – Council spokesperson

Yes. Council has taken the opportunity to purchase land at 3 Bayview Road, Russell Island ( lot 6 RP122307) when the land became available for fair market value. The land is contiguous with other Council owned lots that support parking.

Please also note a correction to reference in the online media release issued yesterday in response to Council’s consideration of the Coroner’s report on the tragic death of Ethan Stephenson. The copy should have read all roads on the Island are 50km an hour (not 40Km) speed unless otherwise signed.

Media Request – Bay Island News. Has council purchased land currently used for parking on Russell Island?

I have attached a picture. The land in question is I believe at the top of the hill as you come off the ferry, possibly opposite Ray White.

The rumour is that council have bought the land near the Russell Island Jetty for a carpark.


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