CCTV and Council Decisions.


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?|
Who guards the guardians?

A very important motion being brought before council this Wednesday. Are there any loopholes, like the area of responsibility for monitoring, which is not yet under any responsibility.

On  4  September  2017,  in  accordance with  s.3(4)  POL‐3127  Council  Meeting  Standing  Orders,  Cr Edwards gave notice that he intends  to move as follows:
That Council resolves as follows:
1.That  Council  consents  to  the  Southern  Moreton  Bay  Islands  Chamber  of  Commerce  to install their closed circuit security monitoring equipment on the Southern Moreton Bay
Island jetties and waiting sheds; and
2. That consent is conditional to the following:
· The  equipment  remains  the  property  of  the  Southern  Moreton  Bay  Islands Chamber of Commerce
· That  Council  is  not  responsible  for  the  maintenance,  repair  or  replacement  of  the equipment

· That Council is not responsible for the monitoring of the camera

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It’s good news, folks..
Firstly, the cameras, two per setup, will be for ALL the islands. One pointing toward the other and one each in the shelter sheds. The other 9 metres from the waterbus mooring point.

I have, as promised last night on facebook, been in touch with Col McInnes, the Vice President of the Bay Islands Chamber if Commerce.
Here is what I have ‘gleaned’ from Col, who was most helpful.
The tender for the cameras has been let and approved. It went to a local IT person.
The CCTVs will NOT be monitored off-site. That is to say they will record, night and motion sensitive.
When and if required, police will open ‘The Box’ (my understanding, is a stainless steel box), and then will be able to view any recording on site via a built in interface and monitor screen.
Col affirmed his opposition to ‘live’ monitoring, due to privacy. We had to agree to disagree on that point.
I did further suggest a public screen shoeing the live recording (much like one sees in shopping centres), where there is a camera showing the shoppers looking in the window. Hopefully that would show would-be criminals, the futility of being ‘naughty’.

Sadly, Col did not support this proposal either, but remained firm in the current plan.
The funding came from the Federal government, thanks to Andrew Laming.$9,960 was spent not including the stainless steel boxes which have been quoted at $700 for 4 boxes. Electrician to supply necessary power to them is also being organised..
Each jetty gets 2 cameras. 9 metres from water taxis. Jetty and other camera in sheds looking at other camera.
Space for an extra 6 cameras per box.
Approval to extend extra cameras for will have to come from council, however the Chamber of Commerce is willing to allow extra cameras, possibly supplied by MBCIA to ‘plug in’ to the existing 8 camera capability.

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