Ferry Surfing – just hop onto a waterbus..

Some people just can’t wait to “hop” onto a waterbus it seems.

However for a 21 year old Macleay Island man, it seems that his efforts didn’t land him in the drink, but might land him behind bars.

As Snr Constable Steve Porthill from Cleveland police reported to me he has been charged with “unregulated high risk activity”  oh and fare evasion too. Officer Clint Dowd was the arresting officer, who took the man into custody at about 4.30 pm yesterday, Friday 29th September, according to Senior Constable Porthill.


This in from a “Resident of the Island”:

“I tried to get a photo but everyone was rushing to get off that ferry
to get on the one direct to Macleay so my view was blocked . I’d say a
good 25 people were rushing to get off so my view was blocked.

That’s everyone trying to get off the ferry you can only just see one
of the police officers to the left and the offender was infront of
that lady and being handcuffed.

There were a couple at the marina waving and carrying on as we were
leaving I’m guessing they saw him on top and trying to tell us but I
assume it was the barge coming towards us that radioed the skipper as
we came to a complete stop and the deckie went out and climbed on the
roof , next minute this young man came down followed by the deckie.
Very foolish man and it messed up the times for future ferries not to
mention people having to get to work and those that had people waiting
to collect us from the island.”

I suppose landing in Jail is better than landing between the ferry and the pontoon, as might have happened….

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