Lamb Island Event Test

Lamb Island has a rich history of food production dating back to the early 1900s. The island was made up of numerous small farms which supplied produce to the mainland Brisbane market. Due to the unique micro climate created by the islands geographic locationn its extremely fertile volcanic soil and the pure sand aquifers that run beneath it, the farmers were able to supply superior produce to the mainland market earlier than their mainland competitors. There were several boats (including the well known historic vessels “Roo” and “Amazon”) which traveled from the upper reaches of the Brisbane river out to the island to transport the produce. The Roo would also transport supplies from Brisbane for the island’s residents and weekend trippers who would visit the island. One of the well known attractions was Peggy Saunders’ garden parties. Peggy Saunders was the wife of one of the original farmers and was well known for her beautiful garden which was located on the Western waterfront of the island.

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