Island carpark CCTV cameras

Hello Bay Islanders,

Just a quick heads-up on the cameras, we have had some really promising progress with the MBCIA fundraiser for the extra cameras in the island carparks, currently waiting for a quote from a local supplier as well as a few bureaucratic hurdles to conquer. As you know, the Federal grant (Safer Communities Fund) only covers the jetties on each island with two cameras each and a recorder box. It has also been quite a challenge to call either State or Council to the party, for various reasons.

Thank you for all those who have donated so far, this will make it possible to cover at least two extra cameras each on at least three of the four islands (one island has changed self-funding of cameras in the meantime to a need of assistance from this fund). We are as eager as you to get this installation going as soon as possible.

Should you wish to consider adding funds or more funds to this fundraiser, the link again is the following: All contributions above $5 are tax deductible.

With thanks and best wishes,

Greg Hartay-Szabo


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