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Macleay Island crime wrap

Macleay Island crime wrap Macleay Island crime wrap, November OIC Macleay Island on Nov 27, 2019 @ 3:10pm Drug offences: A 32-year-old woman from Russell Island was issued a Notice to Appear for possessing dangerous drugs and is due to appear at Cleveland Magistrates Court on December 11. A 31-year-old woman […] Continue reading

Driverless bus on Karragarra

  Driverless bus on Karragarra Wheels now turning on Redlands Coast driverless bus trial November 26, 2019 The RACQ Smart Shuttle hit the streets of Karragarra Island in Redlands Coast today, as part of a Queensland-first on-road trial. The driverless bus, a joint initiative between RACQ and Redland City Council […] Continue reading


  PLANNED POWER OUTAGES ACROSS SMBI Planned maintenance outages Unfortunately. there does not seem to have been a lot of promotion of this outage. There are some notices on facebook, but nobody (that I know of) has mentioned any letterbox drops! So here is the link, it is the only […] Continue reading


Reasons for Fennell case published

Reasons for Fennell case published by High Court The reasoning behind the decision of The High Court (NOT the Federal Court) has been published. I attach the complete document, unbiased, uncensored and unexpurgated. In my opinion, with all due respect to the Court, clearly, Steven never had a case to […] Continue reading

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SMBI Sunset Social

CULT-ure Map SMBI Sunset Social The launch event and island celebration, SMBI Sunset Social is next Sunday, 6 October on Karragarra 2:30-7:30pm. For those on Facebook, keep up-to-date here: Hope to see you all next weekend, it’s set to be a great family friendly event on beautiful Karragarra. Below […] Continue reading

How long is a piece of string? Simple, cut it in half , measure the two bits – then add those numbers together! String theory explained.. Well not really. I am often asked to explain things – which way is up, why is the sky blue.. and the BIGGIE What […] Continue reading


Get on board a Driverless bus This Sunday

Get on board a Driverless bus This Sunday Redlands residents can literally get on board and experience the future of urban transport when the EasyMile EZ10 electric driverless bus hits Middle Street for this Sunday’s Cleveland Markets. Redland City Mayor, Karen Williams said that autonomous buses have the potential to […] Continue reading