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    resized_20161023_074816001FOOTPATH CLOSURE

    With no notice last thursday Energex closed the footpath due to some works. No warning signs were placed at the top of  ‘heart attack’ hill. A member of the public fortunately called Energex, I emailed council and the 5 business day wait was somewhat reduced. Witches hats appeared on Monday morning. My son walked past there today and tells me it appears clear. Hopefully a photo soon.

    Before & After


    From a facebook member of Bay Island News Group

    So much better now !!! When you try to get your pram down the curb you have to put it in a right angle to the road, which means you are pushing your baby out past the orange posts into the oncoming traffic to be able to get down the curb step. Who the hell makes the safety assessments for these works. Don’t know the logistics of trying to navigate that obstacle with a Walker or a wheelchair but just with a shopping trolley it is scary considering the busy traffic on arrival and del times.

    Why is it not possible to just put some boards across the hole between works on the area?


    Thankyou so much for those pics. It is a start and exactly what I thought was needed.

    Its stupid and dangerous because when you have to step off the footpath with a pram you are at a right angle to manage the step down which means you are pushing your pram right out past the orange posts into oncoming cars to get off the footpath if ypy get what I mean.

    Yipee! Some good, 7-gse-logosome may say excellent TV coverage for a change.
    Courtesy of Chanel 7’s ‘The Great South East’ Just go to the ‘News‘ link..

    newsignemergencyservicesvehiclesAMBULANCE PARKING ambulanceBLOCKED

    There are some private cars parked in the Ambulance Bays. This is hindering many important construction activities, not to mention Ambulances, and possible disastrous consequences if there is an emergency!
    Now in fairness, I don’t even know where the bays are any more. but council has requested that I put out this message. If it is a mistake, well, they happen. But the car(s) have been there for some days it seems.

    If this is selfishness then pull your damned finger out and move your car. You are already loosing money and points. Next stop is loosing your car. Make NO mistake you have really ticked off council. There will be an inspection to morrow (I wonder if tow trucks are invited) by some very senior officials. So, move it or lose it!


    In the interests of fairness and an unbiased approach, I present for you the Council’s official release about Weinam Creek:

    Parking increased at Weinam Creek ferry terminal

    Residents parking at the Weinam Creek ferry terminal now have an extra 100 car parks available after Redland City Council and the Department of Transport and Main Roads constructed a new $150,000 parking area.

    (Full story in the NEWS section.)

    On the other hand, an OPINION piece by yours truly, Tim Barker. Also in the NEWS section


     Consequencesafter of Cutting Down Trees
    by Maggi Carstairs

    There were three blocks of land that were full of trees. There were White gums, River Gums, paper barks, Grevilleas, different smaller shrubs and undergrowth, grasses and flowering plants.
    Read the whole terrible tale in STORIES


    For those who 20161018_155242doubted.. I did say the bus shelters were expected by Wed. Seems I was right. Of course those who are hale and fit, I would hope they would make way for those who are not as fortunate.

    A montage or ‘slideshow’ of the problem area -Weinam Creek Carpark. Images courtesy Travis Place.

    Instead I’ll go on about a topic that is important to just about all Islanders.

    A little test for PDF files:



    We moved to the Islands in 2004. Ironically on one of the several days we drove from the Gold Coast to Redland Shire (as it was then) we got a parking ticket. Nowhere to park! That was back when there were no luxuries like pontoons or a covered terminal. Nope, Steps and a shelter shed was it. Still there to the best of my knowledge, but who knows for how much longer?